7th March 2020 Germany

Dave Paulo initiated and characterized Pop Art Tattoos and definitely left his mark in the world of color realistic tattooing. He is one of the most well known and respected artists of this planet and traveled the world to improve his skills and learned from the best in this industry. He perfected his technique and raised tattooing to a new level.
And now he’s sharing all of his knowledge with you!

If you want to improve your tattooing techniques apply for the seminar.

Spend a whole day with the one and only Dave Paulo himself. Learn everything about his work, from the stencil to the best color packing, putting in the blackest black and smoothest transitions up to the perfect photography. Dave is giving you all his knowledge.

He has gathered a unique set of techniques over the last years which he uses to create his stunning pieces. He will show the things he values about his working process and which details matter to make the real difference in the end.

You will also be able to watch him while he is tattooing. He will comment on all his steps and you are able to ask questions during the process.

This seminar is for experienced tattoo artists only.

You can apply for the seminar by filling out our contact form.

See you soon and good luck.