23rd november 2019 berlin / germany

Inal Bersekov raised detailed realistic tattoos to a whole new level. The bishop pro team member is not only Drake‘s personal tattoo artist, but also traveled the world to guestspot in the best shops among the most talented and famous artists. His style is state of the art. And now he’s sharing it with you!

If you want to improve your tattooing techniques apply for the seminar.

Spend a whole day with the legend himself in Berlin, Germany. Learn everything about his work, from the stencil to the smoothest shading up to the perfect photography. Inal is giving you all  his knowledge.

He has gathered a unique knowledge over the last years wich he uses to create his stunning pieces. He will show the things he is valuing about his working process and wich details matter to make the real difference in the end.

You will also be able to watch him while he is tattooing. He will comment on all his steps and you are able to ask questions during the process.

This seminar is for experienced tattoo artists only.

You can apply for the seminar by filling out our contact form. 

See you soon and good luck.