Instagram for Tattoo Artists

Instagram for Tattoo Artists 

With „more than 1 Million (!)
of active followers“ on his four
Instagram Tattoo Sites:


7th December 2019 Berlin / Germany


You want to get the most out of your work as a tattoo artist? Well, without the Instagram social network? No way! No other platform has revolutionized the possibilities for tattoo artists and their work like Instagram. If you want to make an effective use of the worlds most popular tattoo platform, you should do all the tricks and important opportunities we show you.

Using algorithms properly, posting the right photos, capturing the best times of the day, all that is part of the essential content of our Instagram seminar. We believe you guys using just about 25 % of your total reach and potential.
Let's change your condition together into a new status to get more of your personal success being a known artist.

The successful tattoo site @theartoftattooingofficial promotes artists from around the world and has over 610,000 real followers. The founder of this page explains in his Instagram seminar what’s important in this service and how to make a successfully position. Any tattoo artist who is focused on the future should use this program more professional.

Tommy Ernst shows you the benefits that await you when you've learned to use Instagram perfectly.

- understanding the IG algorithm
- developing the right strategies
- learning the right behavior inside the app
- using hashtags correctly
- creating and choosing the right content
- taking a good tattoo photo

As dealing with Instagram has become another important and essential tool for tattoo artists and studio operators, we expect a rush to this unique seminar. Good luck with the application.